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Bob Proctor on Wealth Creation

  Bob Proctor is the author of the book ‘You were Born Rich’ which talks about manifesting personal wealth in our lives and how he did it. He is also featured on the movie ‘The Secret’ that took America by storm. Bob Proctor is committed to showing by example.

The Rich Get Richer?

  Does it seem impossible for you to get rich? Many people read about getting rich and they numb themselves to the idea that it can happen for them. They think that unless they finish college, become a doctor, lawyer or other highly paid profession, it just can’t happen for them.

The Secret Science of Getting Rich

There is a secret science of getting rich and many people are uncovering it each and every day. This science is not only about material wealth such as houses, cars and clothes although these things will be available to you once you have truly mastered the science. The main purpose of the secret science is to reveal the true laws of the universe that once followed will yield a bountiful, abundant life that is full of satisfaction and joy.

Converting Sorrow Into Peace

Sorrow is ironical. When we take it as openly as we can, seeking God in it, there is the door of peace opened to us. How we feel transcends our understanding. We simply experience it. We convert our sorrow into peace when we embrace the unremitting sadness. God meets us there.

Four Ways to Increase Your Luck

Do you know that people who are lucky tell themselves they’re lucky? Learn more about this and other tips to bring more luck into your life.

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