10 HABITS to Start Before 2021 (Change Your Whole Life in Only 10 DAYS!)

Stop! Life Is Too Short To Waste Forever

The problem with time is we never seem to have enough. Time is unlike any other resource. It’s completely non-renewable. We can’t speed it up, can’t slow it down, can’t store it away. It’s not a pleasant thought but every passing day is one day closer to death. We have so much to do. We’re rarely as efficient as we hope. Things go wrong so we waste time correcting them. There’s a good reason for that. But it need not be that way forever. We can have a future with a sense of order and without frustration. Each day can bring us new opportunity rather than a step closer to death. And when time is no longer an enemy, everything will forever be more satisfying and fulfilling.

The 4 Keys to Building Lasting Wealth

It hit me while I was having an inspiring conversation this week with a woman wanting to get a job selling mops like I do. After seeing my numbers and opening the door to possibility that she could also make $900 a day selling mops, noticing her eyes glisten and sparkle as she soaked up every morsel of information I gave her as if it were the most important thing in the world, I felt inspiring. Then I realized that my $900 a day earnings (although above average to many) could also be seen as a fart in a windstorm…

Think Limitless – Limited Thinking Creates Limited Results

Open your mind to endless possibilities. Close your eyes and open your mind to how your life would look if there were no limits to money, no limits to happiness, no limits to the opportunities waiting for you, and no limits to what you can achieve. Create a movie in your mind and visualise a life of unlimited prosperity, unlimited happiness and unlimited wealth. This way of thinking will help attract more positive experiences into your life, attract more people to you, help you to achieve better results in your business, and assist you in achieving your goals and desires.

The Road To Riches Roadmap

There are so many suggestions for getting rich, e.g., Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, YouTube videos, books and online “gurus,” that you could spend most of your day doing what they suggest. However, if you are not understanding the clear and simple roadmap to wealth, you will be wasting your time, if you want to become rich. This article is a “no nonsense guide” that tells it like it is.

Law of Attraction and You

Law of Attraction is such a powerful law, yet I find that most people aren’t taking advantage of it. Just like the law of gravity, when you drop something you know it will fall, the same goes for Law of Attraction. What you focus on expands – like attracts like.

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